Louis Pezzani

Mind Magic Land's Caretaker


This project will consist of short videos on a variety of simple and effective techniques and tools to help in day-to-day living. 

( And fun stuff too, don't worry ) 

Louis Pezzani has been demonstrating his unique talents for decades and is considered one of the top Mentalists in North America. Louis has combined a lifelong study of magic, comedy, psychology, the paranormal, perceptual manipulation, and mind-over-matter to produce a unique and astounding presentation called MIND MAGIC. 

Louis' clients are a who's who of Canadian businesses including Safeway, 3M, Shell, McDonalds, Esso, Frito-Lay, Enbridge, REMAX, Home Outfitters, FORD, Triple 5 Corp, and many, many more. 

Louis also really enjoys talking about himself in the third person. 


Here be Video 


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